What happens if I miss a class?

You can make up 2 missed classes per semester. Make-up classes cannot be carried on to another semester and are not transferable to another family. You can attend any of the Ladybug classes, subject to availability.  Please click HERE to schedule your make-up in advance to ensure your spot. Families are also welcome to come to the demo classes at the end of the session to do a make up.

What if my child has a runny nose or had a fever?

If your child isn’t feeling well and you think he/she may be contagious, please keep them home. A runny nose with mucus that is not clear or a fever within 24 hours before class is a sign that your child is contagious. Please respect the health of the other families in your class by not exposing them. You can do two makeups, instructions above.

Can I bring an unregistered sibling to a make-up class?

We regret that we are unable to accommodate sibling visits at make-up classes.  Sibling visits are offered as a courtesy as a way for your family to share in the class that your child attends, whereas our make-up spots are limited and need to be reserved for our students.

Schedule a MAKE-UP