What families are saying about Ladybug Music Sydney!


“We just drove 3000 kms, and I reckon we spent 1700 of those listening to Ladybug Summer 2 Collection!” – Sam, Northern Beaches dad.


I just wanted to share how wonderful it was attending a Ladybug Music class in Sydney with Clare as our teacher. My 2 1/2 year old and I were in town for a few months while my husband worked and I was so concerned about being in a strange city where I didn’t know anyone with a toddler in tow. We had taken a Ladybug Music class with Clare when she lived in LA and thought this would be a perfect place for my daughter to be surrounded with something familiar in an unfamiliar place. My little girl looked forward to class every week and always had a blast. And when we weren’t there, she insisted on playing the music and pretending she was Clare… doing “vocal swoops,” “playing with sticks,” and of course pretending she was playing the guitar. Thank you Ladybug Music for making us feel like family.

My 10 month old and I LOVE Lady Bug Music classes. The songs are so catchy and fun, not just for my daughter but also for me!! I love singing them to her (as does my husband) and they calm her down like nothing else when in the car.
If you’re looking for an excellent, fun and energetic music class to attend with your little ones then Ladybug is for you! We have just finished our first term with Ladybug and loved every minute of it! Having the cds has meant that we can continue the fun at home and in the car. My eldest child (4 years) keeps asking when the next term will start. Clare has such wonderful energy and enthusiasm for music and my children adore her. It’s brilliant to see them develop passion for music at such a young age – thank you Clare!
A wonderful music class. We absolutely love it. I’ve been at work all day singing Peas Porridge Hot!
We LOVE Clare and her Ladybug classes! My children (17 months and 4 years) and I look forward to coming to class every week. Ladybug has become a special time for the three of us to be together enjoying an activity in harmony! Having trialled various music classes, in my opinion Ladybug is by far the best. Clare is obviously passionate about music and her classes are so much fun. Having the CDs is great as it means that we can enjoy singing and dancing to the songs in the car and at home. One word of warning – the songs are so catchy you’ll find yourself singing them in the shower! Thank you Clare
We cannot believe how Lachie has taken to your music. The carry-over to home has surprised us. He spontaneously breaks into song or a beat that we do in the class & loves getting the cd out to do shows for us & visitors! 
Clare is an amazing teacher – we are so grateful to be able to attend her classes!

We’ve just finished our second term at Ladybug Music and absolutely love it! The music is catchy and fun for kids and adults alike and the different ways Clare gets the kids to interact which each track and with different ways of being musical captures their interest and is really engaging – even for really young bubs. We look forward to this class all week!

Love love love the class :-)